Latest Litter News

We are excited to announce that our first litter has been born!

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Welcome to Erkendik Rhodesian Ridgebacks!


Magnificent Rufus

Rufus is a prime example of an overachieving firstborn

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Mororo Rufus Ripjaw

Sweet Krasni

A shy and extremely sweet girl gentle with children and small dogs

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Crownwood Dezi (Krasni)

Princess Kizil

Athletic, super fast and agile Kizil possesses a love for her humans equal to none

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Leeurif Kizil

Erkendik Ridgebacks | Erkendik Rhodesian Ridgebacks

 Breeding News

Latest breeding and Studding news

Erkendik Rhodesian Ridgebacks is KUSA registered. Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders generally are passionate about the breed and so are we! We want our kennel name to be associated with healthy puppies with good bay instincts and family-oriented temperaments. And we are obsessed with only letting our puppies go to good homes!

 Ridgeback Training

Understanding the highly intelligent Rhodesian Ridgebacks in order to train them

Many new Rhodesian Ridgeback owners have on occasion become dejected by the antics and unruliness of their adolescent Ridgebacks especially - there is ALWAYS a solution and there are many people / organisations that can support and assist.

 Ridgeback Health

Rhodesian weight and other conditions

Your Rhodesian Ridgeback should not be allowed to become overweight (unless pregnant of course) and a clear waist should always be visible when viewed from above. If you tried to keep the weight within breed standards, your dog's ribs will even show slightly but this should be the result of lots of exercise rather than withholding food.




Protecting our Red Hounds

Our goal is to produce little red hounds to delight and capture the hearts of a few lucky new owners. 10% of all sales of pups will be donated to less fortunate Ridgies looking for a loving and forever home at Rhodesian Ridgeback Rehab.

We recommend Adopt-rather-than-Shop and only breed when our waiting list for show quality dogs are oversubscribed by good applicants.


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